IK Serv

We are a small company based in Frankfurt am Main. We have been operating in the fast-changing world of computing for almost 17 years. Our majority customer base consists of small to medium-sized enterprises.

Small businesses (law firms, doctors ' offices, craft enterprises) are also entitled to a well-functioning and affordable IT solution. We try to meet this demand by creating a well-functioning base, concentrating on the problems of our customers and trying to get the maximum out of the existing base.

Whether it's industry solutions, telematics infrastructure, networking, messaging systems, security, computer telephony integration, support for your own computing department, service contracts or even audio video editing, we always try to create a complete solution That meet customer requirements professionally and financially.

Because customer satisfaction is the most important thing, and is always our top priority. It is the basis of trust for cooperation in the long run, and the recommendation of a satisfied customer is, in our opinion, often worth much more than money invested in advertising.

We work quickly, cleanly, always try to be accessible and always on hand. Our aim is to leave behind a functioning computer landscape in order to be able to live on our work decently.

Checking and reviewing your computer landscape for the first time will cost you nothing. Perhaps on this occasion we can solve some small (or big) problems for you.

So look around, call us, and get your own picture.