A well-functioning computing landscape often involves more than just a well-equipped computer system. If the base is not correct (power grid, network topology – if any, messaging and telephony connection), or if the computer system is improperly or not configured at all, is poorly maintained, various security guidelines cannot be observed, The meaning of such a system – to facilitate day-to-day work, and to be available – turn into the opposite.

We work in partnership with companies that, according to their specifications and our expertise, form a solid basis for a functioning IT landscape.

This applies to:

  • Electrical installations (networking & structured wiring,
    Audio video surveillance and security systems: ELEKTRO BERHEIDE GmbH),
  • Telephony and CTI (ITK-MS), as well as
  • Advertising technology (skyline advertising)

Together we are able to get to grips with the acute problems and create solid solutions for your computer.

Our core competencies, in detail:

  • Conception of the entire network structure
  • Consulting and project planning
  • Installation (Electricity, Computer & TK wiring, Client-Server Systems-Hardware & Software)
  • LAN-WAN, LAN-LAN coupling, remote access & management
  • Local, Intranet & Internet Security (ADS, NDS, Firewalls, Server Based AV & Antispam, Backup
  • IP telephony, Classic telecom systems and mobile (voice/SMS & data services
  • Corporate Messaging & Groupware (MS Exchange, Fax, OWA, Mobile Messaging)
  • Standard Office Applications (MS/OpenOffice, Banking, Network Printing, etc.)
  • Industry solutions (doctors, lawyers, tax advisors, craftsmen, etc.)
  • Service contracts with variable response times and modalities